San Jose Remote Video Monitoring

Owning a business in San Jose, California requires remote live video monitoring to prevent crime and theft on your property.  It deters criminals and provides the authorities with hard evidence in the event of a robbery or property destruction.  San Jose’s crime index is listed at 24 out of 100 (100 being the safest).  The property crime rate in San Jose is 24 per 1,000 residents.  That means your odds of being a victim of property destruction in San Jose are 1 in 40.  No business owner wants to be that 1 in 40, so act fast and invest in your future with a remote live video monitoring solution from National Video Monitoring Corporation.

In a population of over 1,000,000, San Jose reported 5,213 burglaries and 12,284 thefts in 2014 alone.  In terms of the the national median, there are 32 crimes per square mile in the U.S. However, in San Jose, that number rises to 160 per square mile.  Thieves and burglars could cost your unprotected business thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements.  However, with San Jose remote video monitoring, your business lowers its chances of becoming one of these statistics, saving you significant time and money in the long run.

San Jose remote video monitoring with NVMC secures your business’s assets 24/7, even at night when nobody’s around.  At NVMC, we use high-tech software and hardware to supply constant supervision via high-definition surveillance cameras, network video recorders and live monitoring by highly-trained security agents from our state-of-the-art remote monitoring facility.  Then, in the event of real intruders, our agents can employ remote talk-down strategies while notifying the authorities immediately.

In 2000, the San Jose population was 903,450.  By 2013, it was home to 998,537 residents.  That’s an increase of 7,314 per year.  When population increases, crime goes up.  Criminals know when a business is defenseless, unmonitored and holding valuable assets.  However, your business need not be susceptible to crime—catch the criminals before they catch you off guard.  With NVMC’s setup, our experts monitor your entire property around the clock and make criminals think twice about messing with your business.  The key is prevention!

mobile video monitoring

Our team at NVMC works with you to establish a monitoring system unique to your business’s needs.  We fortify your perimeter with an invisible wall that identifies motion and suspicious activity on your property.  Your high-tech NVMC system is installed by skilled technicians with strategically place surveillance camera.  From there, your business is constantly monitored live from our U.S.-based guard center.  We respond to events immediately to prevent damage by intruders.  We aim for your safety and happiness!

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