Jacksonville Remote Video Monitoring

Running a business in Jacksonville, which is the largest community in the state of Florida, means you need a superior security system that won’t fail you. Jacksonville remote video monitoring is the latest technology when it comes to anti-theft systems, and it’s fast becoming the most trusted security solution among smart business owners. When you manage a business in the populous coastal city of Jacksonville, it’s imperative that you prioritize your company’s security to protect your investment from the hands of thieves, burglars, arsonists, and other criminals.

Why Live Video Surveillance is Important 

The foremost advantage of live video monitoring is the ability to alert law enforcement in real time, allowing the police to rush to the site of emergency immediately and apprehend the criminal. National Video Monitoring Corporation (NVMC) has a team of highly competent and tech-savvy security agents who can monitor your property from a remote, U.S.-based surveillance center. They can watch over your entire property 24/7 through live video feeds from HD cameras. Upon catching sight of trespassers, trained NVMC agents warn the intruders and scare them off through live voice commands. If the intruders continue to trespass your property, our agents contact you and the authorities to prevent property crime.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a total of 34,380 property crimes were reported by law enforcement agencies in 2014, according to the FBI. Being a business owner in Jacksonville means your property has a 1-in-25 chance of getting targeted by a criminal. These figures emphasize the importance of fortifying your security to deter criminals.

Jacksonville remote video monitoring helps discourage criminals, because the presence of video evidence and the possibility of the police being alerted fast intimidate them. In most cases, thieves choose to steal from businesses without conspicuous surveillance cameras. In contrast, businesses that take advantage of live video monitoring have lower risks of falling victim to criminals.

mobile video monitoring

Permanent and Mobile Security Solutions

NVMC offers fixed surveillance when you need permanent video monitoring for your business. Certified NVMC technicians will assess your site, design a custom solution, create an invisible perimeter around your site, and install fixed HD cameras in strategic locations. Mobile video monitoring solutions are also available if you need temporary surveillance for a job site or company event.

Moreover, mobile video surveillance is perfect to prevent inventory loss, manage crowds during a large event, or monitor your employees during an important project to enhance workplace productivity. We provide well-built, sturdy trailers equipped with HD cameras and solar power or high-end batteries for days or months of unplugged live video surveillance. NVMC mobile monitoring also lets you remotely watch over your site from a desktop or mobile device.

As a leading Jacksonville remote video monitoring service provider, NVMC can provide an extra layer of protection for your business. Find out more about our top-of-the-line products and services by getting a quote today!