Duluth Remote Video Monitoring

For many business owners, operating a business in Duluth is both challenging and rewarding. Protecting your assets, employees, and customers is a critical requirement you need to address, with Duluth remote video monitoring as a central part of your security strategy.

As the fourth biggest community in the state of Minnesota, Duluth has an overall property crime rate of 3,650 offenses. When you own a property in Duluth, your risk of being victimized by a thief, burglar, or arsonist is 1 in 23, which is why now, more than ever, your business needs a trusted, proactive security system that provides the highest level of protection.

Fixed Monitoring Solutions With HD Cameras

In many cases, thieves and burglars prey on businesses without solid security systems. If your property doesn’t have surveillance cameras, lawbreakers get the idea that it’s easy to break into your company building and steal your assets, as there is no video evidence or apparent security setup to alert law enforcement.

National Video Monitoring Corporation (NVMC) can help guard your property through the use of state-of-the-art technology and advanced software. We offer personalized Duluth remote video monitoring services to ensure your valuable assets and inventory are protected from thieves and criminals who cause property destruction, such as arson or vandalism. If your business needs permanent surveillance, highly qualified and certified NVMC technicians install HD video cameras in strategic areas, especially key entrance locations.

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Once a fixed video security system is in place, our experienced security agents then remotely keep an eye on your entire property from a U.S.-based surveillance center, even after working hours. HD video technology enables our agents to access live video feeds from HD cameras 24/7 and accurately detect criminals. Well-trained NVMC agents identify trespassers and would-be criminals in real time, immediately notifying you and the authorities to apprehend the criminals if necessary. With targeted talk-down technology, our agents frighten potential thieves by calling their attention through particular voice commands rather than pre-recorded messages.

Mobile Monitoring Solutions for Live Surveillance On the Go

NVMC offers mobile monitoring solutions if you need a more flexible, portable, or temporary security setup. Mobile video surveillance is the perfect solution to prevent inventory loss, confirm deliveries, manage crowds during important events, or monitor employees to improve workplace productivity.

Mobile Video Patrol (MVP) trailers make Duluth remote video monitoring extremely convenient, as they are easy to park and operate. Using these trailers allows you to view your property in real time from your mobile device or computer. If you’re in a job site without a reliable power source, MVP Power Plus allows you to perform intelligent live video surveillance through solar power. This portable device efficiently runs unplugged for days to months.

NVMC designs custom live video monitoring solutions, whether you need permanent video surveillance or temporary extra security for an event. Get a quote today and start protecting your Duluth business!