Bowling Green Remote Video Monitoring

Running a business is undoubtedly challenging, more so when security is a major concern. In Bowling Green, Ohio, a total of 637 property crime offenses affected business and property owners in 2014, according to the FBI. Law enforcement agencies reported 529 cases of larceny thefts and 93 burglaries. With a 1-in-20 chance of becoming a property crime victim in Bowling Green, it’s critical that you protect your business, employees, and valuable assets from criminals by using an advanced security system such as live video monitoring.

Major Benefits of Bowling Green Remote Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring provides proactive security to stop property crimes before they occur. National Video Monitoring Corporation (NVMC) gives your business the high security level it needs through real-time video surveillance, which means our skilled agents identify potential criminals through remote video monitoring and instantly take action before suspicious intruders destroy or steal your hard-earned assets.

Our services are also much more affordable than hiring on-site guards, who actually can’t watch over your entire property at all hours. NVMC deters lawbreakers through conspicuous HD cameras and talk-down technology. With a trusted, hassle-free, and fast-responding security system in place, it’s easier to focus on your business operations, knowing that 24/7 Bowling Green remote video monitoring keeps your business secure.

Innovative, State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance

NVMC offers the utmost protection for your business, whether you need a fixed security system or a temporary security solution. Fixed video monitoring works by creating an invisible perimeter surrounding your business, setting up high-definition cameras in strategic areas, and remotely observing your business around the clock from a U.S.-based surveillance center.

Because different businesses have unique needs, we also offer mobile video monitoring solutions for portable security. Our Mobile Video Patrol (MVP) trailers are equipped with the latest hardware and equipment you need to maintain a safe environment for your business or event. These trailers are easy to park wherever you want. After raising the mast, your team and our agents can immediately access 24-hour live video streaming through a desktop, phone, or tablet. Four high-definition cameras provide you with a crystal-clear, 330-degree view of the surroundings.

Fixed Video Surveillance Camera

If electricity is a problem in highly remote locations, our MVP Power Plus delivers continuous, unplugged solar power for days and months. We also offer MVP Air, which is a compact version of our video surveillance technology, for more expansive coverage, particularly in vertical job sites.

While maintaining safety and security for your business may seem challenging, Bowling Green remote video monitoring makes things much easier and less complicated, so you can operate your business more efficiently without worrying about property crimes. NVMC live video surveillance can help you save on costs in the long run.

Find out how NVMC can design a personalized security solution for your business by talking to one of our friendly representatives. We’ll work side by side with you to determine the best security system for your business.

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